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Matching corporate gift campaigns are a way for companies to support their employees' charitable giving by matching their donations to eligible nonprofit organizations. This means that if an employee donates a certain amount to a charity, their employer will match that donation with an equal or greater amount.

To engage your employer in a matching gift campaign, you should first research the company's philanthropic initiatives and determine if they have a matching gift program in place. If they do, find out the guidelines for participation, such as the minimum and maximum donation amounts, the eligible organizations, and the deadline for submitting donations.

Next, you should identify the charity or charities you want to support and ensure that they are eligible for the matching gift program. You can then create a compelling case for support by highlighting the impact of your chosen charity, the amount you plan to donate, and the potential benefits of participating in a matching gift program.

When approaching your employer, it is important to be clear and concise in your communication and provide all necessary information upfront. This includes the name and mission of the charity, the donation amount, and any documentation required for the matching gift program.

Finally, it is important to follow up with your employer after the donation has been made to ensure that the matching gift is processed and applied to the charity. This not only ensures that your donation has the greatest impact, but it also demonstrates your commitment to charitable giving and encourages your employer to continue supporting philanthropic initiatives.

In summary, matching corporate gift campaigns are a great way for companies to support their employees' charitable giving while also promoting philanthropic initiatives. By following these steps and engaging your employer in a matching gift program, you can make a meaningful impact on the causes you care about while also encouraging your employer to support charitable giving.

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GEDDI (Global Economic Diversity Development Initiative), a nonprofit organization that serves as a worldwide giving choice

for racial equity and economic justice initiatives intended to create generational wealth for the Black community.

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