The Global Economic Diversity Development Initiative (GEDDI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation seeking donations to afford its fund development arm the ability to make grants to nonprofit and for-profit recipients focused on building economic wealth for the Black community. GEDDI began operations in August 2020 and is continuing to build its capacity to become the leader in funding Black business development.


Our foundation is 100% Black-founded and predominantly Black-led.


Global Economic Diversity Development Initiative (GEDDI) exists to intentionally make a positive impact on Black business development by closing the racial wealth gap and transforming the outcomes for the Black community through economic empowerment.  GEDDI is committed to providing resources, access, and tools to Black-owned businesses and emerging entrepreneurs.



To serve as a worldwide giving choice for racial equity and economic justice initiatives to create generational wealth for the Black community.



Tawana Bain is a leading marketing strategist and visionary with a cardinal virtue of justice for all. She started from humble beginnings and with $4,000 in back child support, she built a multi-million dollar business portfolio -  100% boot strapped.  She has survived many pitfalls, recessions and setbacks along the way. Strategizing and executing on non traditional solutions for navigating tough and uncertain times is how she found her way. She is now poised to lead others to do the same.


Aside from Bain's philanthropic and social justice work, she is also the proud owner of Encore on 4th, a Southern Coastal Booze Room with Live Music, situated in the heart of downtown Louisville, Kentucky, known for serving as an intersection for various cultures to network, enjoy good food and shake a tail feather. Not only is she a force to be reckoned with on the entertainment scene, but she’s the founder of one of Louisville’s hottest curated boutiques’ - AFM Threads, located in both Oxmoor and St. Matthews Mall known for its trendy, chic and unique head to toe wear.  


Bain has been featured in Savoy, WE CEO, Tops Louisville, Voice-Tribune, Diversity Professional and many other publications for her work and success as an African American, multi-preneur.


Tawana’s leadership skills have led her enterprise to receive National Recognition and Minority Supplier of the Year for Supplier Excellence by NMSDC, Regional Supplier of the Year by TSMSDC, and the Diversity Excellence Award by One Southern Indiana Chamber of Commerce.


We urgently need a bold and united approach to healing our country. As the founder of the Derby Diversity & Business Summit (DDBS), an organization formed to push our state into the future on what it means to be inclusive, we ask that you join us in this fight to transform our country into a place where we all feel welcome - starting right here in our back yard - Kentucky. We are experienced in granting & reinvesting in organizations to drive equitable change.


We are no stranger to raising money for the marginalized and underfunded. Since our inception, each year we have donated a $5,000 grant to non-profits advancing diversity in the executive workforce and supply chain. Our platform was intentional to bring all Diverse groups together to break down the silos and bridge culture through business and candid conversations around race, gender, socioeconomics, age, and ability. It’s time to go bigger and fund initiatives around Economic Empowerment, Supply Chain Development and Workforce Development for the next five years.


We have consulted with some of the smartest, brightest, and most collaborative leaders in our state during this launch. They are rooting, they are proud, and they are propping us up to lead us forward in unification and restoration of trust across race and all zip codes. We ask for your financial support in GEDDI: a smart and sustainable approach to Racial Equity & Economic Justice. 



Christy Chatham
Executive Director
Cherena Fox
Program Director
Just Boss Up Academy

Matthew Porter
Marketing Communications
and Systems Manager
Emerick Domingo
Graphic Designer
Tawana Bain
CEO & Founder
Cordelia Donovan
CEO, Cordelia Donovan Inc
Nikki Lanier
CEO, Harper Slade Racial Equity Advisory
Avery Anderson
Community Volunteer
Charter Communications
Jennifer Filipowski